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Three Things Great Businesses Do To Create A Winning Culture...
Three Things Great Businesses Do To Create A Winning Culture...
Posted By - Kim Cardona
Category - Culture

Three things that GREAT Businesses Do to Create a Winning Culture…

Your business starts with your leadership and the culture you create.  In this post, I will share three things that most businesses do in their quest to be GREAT.  We hope you will be inspired to implement them in your business.  

  • We all want to run successful, thriving companies.
  • We are passionate about who we are and what we do.
  • We believe that our products or services provide real value to our community.


Great Businesses:

1.) Expect to be GREAT!

Have you heard the quote, “Be willing to eliminate the good in order to achieve the great?” In order to stand out and be ahead of the competition in your industry, you have to be the better player on the field. This requires you to make tough calls:

  • In discerning from a mediocre and GREAT copy in your social media advertising.  
  • Refraining from certain designs on social media because it didn’t deliver the “WOW, that’s great!” factor.
  • Not publishing a video on YouTube if the moral of the story didn’t come across in a great way.
  • Not keeping an employee on staff who doesn’t value the mission and vision of where they work.

You want to create a great business & that means making short term sacrifices for the long-term gain of your company.


2.) Know that company culture matters.

The environment that you create around the work you do, will make or break the future outcome of your company.  Even if your business is a one-person show, your culture still matters. Ask yourself:

  • How do you feel when you walk into your office for the day?
  • What do you do when you have a lack of creativity?
  • How do you feel when you get something wrong?
  • What do you do when it is almost 5 o’clock?

Company culture matters regardless if you are the sole employee working alone or you have ten employees. Create an environment that sets you, your company & it’s people up for success. A winning business culture starts with the leadership and the establishment of mission, vision, and values for how your business will run on the day-to-day.  Set the example.


3.) Care about their customers.

You have a business because of the customers or clients who buy a product or service from you. People choose to do business with whom they know, like and trust.  The satisfaction of your customer experience is your biggest priority if you have intentions of finding long term success in your industry. You need to:

  • Over-deliver
  • Over care
  • Over create
  • Over impress, and
  • Over show up for the audience that you have, regardless if that is 20 customers or 20,000.


If you truly love and care for your community, they are going to love and support you right back. 

Thank you for reading this post. I hope it inspires you to create a life & business that you love! Feel free to share this content with someone else who could find inspiration from the post.

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