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What Three Things Can Your Business Do To Survive An Unprecedented World Pandemic?
What Three Things Can Your Business Do To Survive An Unprecedented World Pandemic?
Posted By - Kim Cardona
Category - Business Tips

What Three Things Can YOUR Business Do to Survive an Unprecedented World Pandemic?

We are all regularly bombarded with negative news and impending global events that are simply out of our control.  Many businesses have closed their doors, laid-off employees, and may struggle when the time comes to reopen their doors.  Those businesses that remained open are also facing their own set of difficulties. The reality is that there is never a certainty, but only the way we perceive and react to our circumstances. There are no straight lines to success and change is the only thing that is truly certain.

Bad things happen that are outside of our control.  What if you think of this global pause as an opportunity to think and do things differently instead? Step up to the challenge, be an ambitious leader and continue to create the life and business you love.  Continue to show up in life and trust that everything is as it should be.  You can choose to be an example by remaining calm, positive and forward-thinking. Ask yourself, what can we do differently to remain in business?

Here are three ways your business can succeed during times when external circumstances impede our business as usual:

1.) Go virtual

Many physical businesses will remain closed for an unknown amount of time. Small businesses need to adapt to how they do business to remain in business. Thankfully, a world crisis is happening at a time when we have access to the internet! Though it would have been better to have a crisis management plan in place for your business prior to a crisis, if you didn’t- now is the time to put on your thinking cap and pivot. Ask yourself:

  • How can I take my business online?
  • What social media features could I take advantage of?
  • What resources are available to help me make this shift?
  • How can I still offer products and services to people during this unpredictable time?

Your business does not have to stop operating or making money. You simply need to re-think how you operate your business and take advantage of technology in this digital age.

2.) Offer value for free

Many families are self-quarantined and are avoiding leaving the house or going out unless it is absolutely necessary. People are going to want to keep occupied and have something to do over the next several weeks!

Think of how you can be of service to your ideal customers and clients during this time. Consider new strategies such as:

  1. Could you offer a week of free trial classes through a platform like ZOOM?
    • If you are a baker, teach an online baking class for free!
    • If you own a dance studio, teach a class online!
    • If you operate a retail store or are in the food industry, can your products be delivered, take-out or curbside pickup?
  2. Offer free services such as:
    • Consultation calls.
    • Give away a days-worth of social media content by running a contest.
    • Provide a freemium service that the customer could keep after a trial period.
    • Barter goods and services with other business owners.
    • Start blogging and sending value-packed newsletters to your email list.
    • Connect with your customers and clients through social posting and networks.
    • Add events to Facebook to inform your customers and clients of your business offerings, upcoming sales, webinars and other opportunities to interact with your business.
    • Get involved with groups on LinkedIN and Facebook and share your expertise with others.
    • Participate in community groups such as your chapter of the Rotary Club and the Chamber of Commerce.

Get creative and come up with a plan of how you are going to continue to serve your customers and clients, and encourage them to continue to interact with your business from home.

3.) Pump out content

I am certain that I don’t need to convince you to need to provide lots of content!  However, everyone is going to be on technology over the next few weeks. Phone, laptop & TV usage is rising my friends!

What an awesome opportunity for us business owners! This is the time that we need to be creating valuable content for our audience. We all need to:

  • Post on social media multiple times a day on the platforms your customers use.
  • Go LIVE!
  • Film YouTube videos. These can be simple videos from your smartphone.
  • Record podcast episodes.

Why? Because your customers and clients are home and have time to consume your content and they are looking for ways to occupy themselves. Plus, if you’re social distancing as well, you have all the time in the world to work on your business. 

What will you think of today to create your success tomorrow?


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