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From Confusion To Crystal Clear
From Confusion To Crystal Clear
Posted By - Kim Cardona
Category - Branding

From Confusing to Crystal Clear

Are you familiar with the phrase, “if you confuse you lose”?  Confusion is the enemy of your credibility and may impact the outcome of a sale.

Your potential customers or clients will walk away if they need to put in too much effort to decipher who you are, what you do, and what your offer is. Buyers want to be sure of what they are spending their hard-earned money on!

They want to feel comfortable and proud of the decision they have made to invest in your products or services.  Add credibility to your business and give an ideal customer/client more confidence in their purchase decision by providing:

ü Client testimonials,

ü Sneak peek videos,

ü Customer reviews, and

ü Create a strong social media presence.


Avoid unnecessary confusion and make your offers crystal clear.

1. Don’t hold back on the details.

Share the price of your products and services on your website.  Were you aware that 9 out of 10 times your ideal client wants to know the cost to work with you?  Know your value and your worth and your confidence will attract your ideal customer or client.

 2.    Don’t share the unnecessary.

For example, if you are a personal trainer - you want to convince an ideal client why they should improve their health & fitness with you by their side. However, it is not necessary to go into the history of personal training or the anatomy of arm muscles to convince someone to work with you! Consider what is important to the consumer and do not waste their time with unnecessary details.

3. Donʼt be a department store.

As much as you might have to offer the world, you cannot be everything to everyone.  Stick to your zone of genius and have offers and products that reflect the impact you want to create through your business.  

ü 3 solid offers are significantly more effective than 30 mediocre pitches.

ü 5 consistently selling products is better than 50 that aren’t generating revenue.

As you continue to build a life and business you love this week, remember this…

“A confused mind does not buy.”

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