Who Do You Serve?
Who Do You Serve?
Posted By - Kim Cardona
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Who do you serve?

SERVE; Somebody Else Receives Value Everyday

Do you know who your ideal customer or client is?  A foundational question you need to ask to determine how to build your business is, who do you want to give value to through the work of your business every day?

·        Would you invest money into a brick & motor store and not let anyone know you are open for business?

·        Would you wing it blindly?

 Probably not.  You would advertise to the type of people your store or online business was created for. As much as you want to make an impact and serve others, your product or service will not be for everyone, which is why it’s important to develop a brand avatar.

A brand avatar represents the type of individual that you would want to buy your products or book your services. This brand avatar needs to become one of your best friends. You need to know everything about this character! The closer you know your avatar, the better you can serve.

To get started developing your brand avatar, ask yourself:

1.)    My ideal customers/clients’ are men or women? Both?

2.)    The age range of the ideal men or women?

3.)    The career field or job they have?

4.)    What types of interests/hobbies they have?

5.)    What does their lifestyle look like?

6.)    What are they struggling with?

For example, if you own a new social media marketing company, here is how you might answer the avatar questions:

1.)    My ideal clients are both men & women who need help with their online marketing.

2.)    The men & women I want to serve are between 30-60 years old.

3.)    The men & women I have in mind still have a 9 to 5 job but want to make money online & work for themself

4.)    They are interested in social media, personal growth & financial freedom

5.)    They work full-time, married with a family, has strong morals/faith, middle-class living

6.)    They are unfulfilled in their current career field, want more financial freedom, struggling with the next steps of their marketing strategy, need help creating content

Your responses to the questions will help you develop your brand avatar, aka your ideal customer or client that you would love to work with and get results for.

Whether you have an online business or traditional brick and mortar store, it is important that you know your ideal customer or client better than anyone else, especially for marketing purposes!

We hope this helps you take another step towards creating a life and business you love.

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