Business Owners, Are You Up For A Challenge?
Business Owners, Are You Up For A Challenge?
Posted By - Kim Cardona
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Business Owners, Are You Up for a Challenge?


In business, it can be easy to get stuck in a routine of doing the same daily actions Repeatedly!


·       If you are doing the right needle-moving activities every day, you will eventually make a positive impact on building your business and the income you make. Rinse and repeat!

·       However, if you are repeatedly doing unproductive activities every day can really hinder your personal growth and professional success.


Perhaps it’s time to push forward out of your comfort zone and change up your daily business routine. Take new action to help you and your business move forward in a productive direction by taking on a challenge!


Here are three challenges to stretch yourself and build productive new habits to grow your business.  Try one, or all of them! It all depends on how much you want to push yourself outside of what is familiar to you during the workweek.




1.) Go LIVE once, three times, or every day.

Challenge yourself to go LIVE on a topic your ideal client/customer would find valuable. Set a goal for a five-minute minimum set.  Go LIVE one-time for an easy challenge, or go LIVE on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for an intermediate challenge.  If you are ready for an advanced challenge, go LIVE every day during the workweek! Push yourself and GO LIVE! I use Streamyard to stream to multiple platforms simultaneously

 2.) Post on Facebook and Instagram.

Challenge yourself to create and share content on social media. Post graphics, photos, videos, or a mix of all three! You can post content on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday or you can share one piece of content every day this week. Push yourself to tell the world about who you are and what you do through the content you create and share online.  My favorite tool to create, schedule and post is Canva Pro.  Try it for FREE 


3.) Grow your skills.

Challenge yourself to learn something new this week that will help you improve yourself and your business. Purchase a Masterclass or course on the topic of your choice, or book a coaching session with a coach that you have been interested in learning from. Push yourself to finish whatever it is you purchase by the end of the week and implement something new that you learn.  Free courses on how to build your business:  New Courses Added Monthly


How are you going to challenge yourself this week? Challenge yourself to take new action to get new purposeful and profitable results.




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