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Business Owners, Are You Up For A Challenge?

By - Kim Cardona

Three challenges to stretch yourself and build in productive new habits to grow your business. Try one, or all of them! It all depends on how much you want to push yourself outside of what is familiar to you during the workweek.

Breaking Down The Numbers

By - Kim Cardona

This post will reveal a strategy to forecast how to grow your business using a proven formula.

What Three Things Can Your Business Do To Survive An Unprecedented World Pandemic?

By - Kim Cardona

Many businesses have closed their doors, laid-off employees, and may struggle when the time comes to reopen their doors. Those businesses that remained open are also facing their own set of difficulties. The reality is that there is never a certainty, but only the way we perceive and react to our circumstances. This post provides three concrete things your business can do to rethink your business practices to continue to earn an income, provide value and stay connected with your customers and clients during a global crisis,

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