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Who Do You Serve?

By - Kim Cardona

Do you know who your ideal customer or client is? Explore the process of developing a brand avatar to intimately understand who your business serves.

From Confusion To Crystal Clear

By - Kim Cardona

Your ideal customer should be able to get enough information from your website to determine if they would like to invest in your product or service without being overwhelmed by unnecessary details. Learn three key strategies to become more clear in your messaging.

How To Create A Business Tagline That Clearly Communicates What Your Business Can Do For Your Ideal Customer

By - Kim Cardona

In this post, you will learn the difference between a tagline and a slogan. Discover how to attract your ideal customer by communicating your offer through your business tagline.

Three Things Great Businesses Do To Create A Winning Culture...

By - Kim Cardona

Your business starts with your leadership and the culture that you create. Learn three things that you can do to create a great business culture,

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